What is this dwm.exe error? Is it a virus?

Hey guys I started my computer up and I noticed an error saying I had a virus or something. It said “dwm.exe has stopped working” or something so I got worried. I started searching everywhere on Google and YouTube to see what I could find. I got a ton of information for you about it, so hopefully it helps you like it helped me.

What is DWM?

It’s actually for Desktop Window Manager on Microsoft. It’s usually legit, but it can be a virus too. People think it’s a virus when it starts using tons of memory or if people start getting errors. If this happens to you, see where the process file is located. If it’s in your Windows folder, you are probably safe. If not, you might have the dreaded dwm virus. Just click here for more details on the Desktop Window Manager.

If you want to learn more about the dwm.exe process, you can read more about it here: http://www.errorboss.com/exe-files/dwm-exe/

If you notice the dwm.exe file is taking up tons of memory, you can move large files from your desktop and allow your computer to access additional memory when using the desktop. This cleanup is good practice in general, too!

You can also remove the dwm.exe process from your Task Manager area if you want.dwm.exe

Here is how you do it?

  1. Press CTRL + ALT + DEL and open Task Manager
  2. From there, go to Processes
  3. From there, find dwm.exe
  4. Right click on dwm.exe and select “End Process”

Remember, this could lead to extra issues on your computer or could prevent your Windows system from properly seeing windows because you closed the Windows Manager. Be careful when editing or modifying any Task Manager items or Processes from within the system or registry area. These are usually tasks that experts go through to solve problems and they understand how the reverse the steps in case something goes wrong (usually).

I’d be happy to help more if anybody runs into this error. Just message me here or send me a message on Twitter, I check both regularly.